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Submission Requirements.

1.)  Acord 125 - Completed
2.)  Acord 126 - Completed (Don't forget to enter payroll, subcosts, and gross receipts).
3.)  Contractor's Questionnaire - If the applicant is not a contractor, and you cannot locate the supplement you need in the applications section, we will send you the appropriate supplemental upon receipt of the Acord forms.
4.)  5 Years of Currently Valued Loss Runs

1.)  Acord 125 - Completed  
2.)  Acord 130 - Completed with class codes.
3.)  Supplemental Questionnaire - Only have the application complete the sections which apply to their business.
4.)  5 Years of Currently Valued Loss Runs

1.)  Acord 140 - Complete with all questions answered.

Cargo Application.
Garage Application.
Condo Assocation Application.
Social Services Application.
Worker's Compensation Questionnaire.
Contractor's Questionnaire.
Products Liability.
Contract Bonds.

Email:  Submissions@AccessPointIns.net
Fax: (949) 760-0591

Submissions should be faxed or emailed to us and include the forms listed above depending on the type of insurance requested. We prefer applications be printed rather than handwritten. Currently valued loss runs are required by many but not all carriers. If you have a supplement please send it in to us. Otherwise we will advise you which supplement to use after reviewing your application.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.


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